Call Center Test Projects

CCTS projects are tailored to the clients needs. In a preliminary meeting with the customer we determine the technical prerequisites and record the test targets. After this we design the CCTS test configuration. We adapt this configuration to the customers systems. This includes the numbers to be called and adjustments for possible existing dialog applications.

We take a close look at your telecommunication system

Beside the generation of calls CCTS can be used for simulating agents. In this case CCTS connects to your ACD or CTI interface. Such a test delivers meaningful results because every call is traced and supervised from the first connect until the agent answers the call. In this way not only the performance of your communication infrastructure but also the quality of the routing algorithms can be checked.

GIquadrat’s team has extensive experience in the control of ACDs either directly (using CAS) as well as using CTI APIs like Genesys or Nabnasset and is glad to support your preparations for your load tests.