Analysis is the first step toward a solution!

CCTS comes in the form of a service package. Our highly qualified team will give you individual support and work up a load and fault analysis for your specific call center. To do so, they use a tried and true procedure which eliminates long lead times:

  • First, we will take stock of your system and its problems in great detail, defining together with yourself the test calls that would best suit your call center.
  • Then we will help you decide on the technical exigencies necessary for the tests.
  • In the subsequent test phase, we will run all the test cases you have stipulated.
  • After the test phase, we will evaluate the data we have collected. Using our high-quality statistics and analysis program, we can find out a great deal about the critical points in your telecommunications system. We will give you a useful, detailed analysis and advise you how to optimize your system.

Upon request, we will also be happy to help you get a grip on any other problems related to your specific setup.

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