Are you sure that the call center you use today will be able to handle tomorrow’s volume of calls?

Fast, reliable customer service is essential on today’s market.

However, your service will only be as good as the quality of your call center. You naturally expect your call center to be able to deal appropriately with immense amounts of work. After all, every time you miss a call from a customer or another interested party, it means another chance lost for your company.

CCTS will help you avoid situations such as these. We will tell you if your call center is fit for the future: fast, error-free, absolutely reliable and effective.

CCTS will test your call center under realistic conditions. Every single system can generate calls on up to 120 lines at the same time. This equals a peak load of 150,000 calls per hour. Several systems can be hooked up together to generate even larger numbers of calls.

A wide variety of different test cases can be run systematically both for the acceptance phase of new software applications, as well as for release changes.

Until now, it has not been possible to simulate load situations in this way. And thanks to the consultancy and support provided by our team, it has never been so easy.