May we assist you with your quality control?

CCTS has enabled us to take the first step into a new era of quality control for complex CTI, ACD and IVR applications.

CCTS will help you detect and eliminate faults while your call center is in operation.

This will enable you to identify faulty switching operations and annoying waiting periods wherever they may turn up. Hence you will have a solid basis for optimizing your call center so you can be certain that all callers will be served promptly and put through to the persons they wish to contact. You yourself will then be able to concentrate on the more essential aspects of customer service.

Manufacturers will also find CCTS to be an invaluable instrument for developing telecommunication systems systems and ensuring their quality. It can reproduce and locate faults, as well as speed up development. It will also keep bottlenecks from occurring during or after the acceptance test of systems by letting you detect them beforehand.