OUTBOUND – how good is your dialer?

Do you use automated dialing methods, such as preview dialing, predictive dialing or power dialing for your outbound calls?

And do you know how much your dialer can handle? CCTS employs a variety of dialing methods to determine just exactly how well your dialer is functioning.

CCTS will even simulate the public telephone network for you and offers you the following ways to test your outbound activities:

  • It can simulate almost any number of destinations and take calls.
  • CCTS can simulate the behavior of customers you call, while allowing you to follow whatever happens.
  • You will find out just how good your dialer is – in hard data. CCTS can transmit all ISDN messages, such as “number has changed”, “terminal not available” or “busy”, so you can gauge the behavior of your dialer in these situations, as well.