We will draw up reports and compile statistics for you!

CCTS will check your telecommunications system using a wide variety of systematic tests. This lets CCTS offer you the following benefits:

  • It generates an unique sender identification for each call.
    You can easily match up the CCTS protocol with your ACD statistics so that each call can be traced precisely.
  • CCTS accurately records all events which occur.
    For one thing, it records the ISDN protocol information from call setup or tear-down. For another, it can record DTMF signals and statements made by your voice processing system during the call.
  • CCTS can simulate call center agents and assess the quality of the routing operations with the aid of the data it collects.
    To simulate agents, it uses your CTI system or the appropriate protocols in your telephone equipment.
  • It records exactly the voice response or DTMF signals of your voice processing system, which can then be used to synchronize the CCTS application with your system.
  • Protocols show how simulated callers are routed through your voice application.
    Our experts then check the protocols of the test run for any irregularities, using high-quality software to prepare statistics and analyze the data.

The upshot: you can detect critical points in your system and thus know exactly what is in need of improvement.